Florisca’s Blog

Hi, my name is Florisca. I’m a second year theology bachelor student from the VU/PThU.
I will be attending this year’s conference in Sárospatak because I participate in a pilot-programme from my university, (in translation) called ‘a bachelor student along on a trip’.
The aim is to stimulate bachelor students to have an international experience during this phase of their study. The bar is being lowered by putting the initiative at the university instead of the student himself.

So I was asked if I liked to come here, facilitated by the university. I have never been to such a conference, so I said yes, seeing this as a good opportunity to see what an academic conference is like. And off course it is exciting that it’s in a foreign country. I am looking forward to it .

This semester we had the course of reformation history, so I have some basic knowledge of Calvin.
This conference is a good follow up to learn how Calvin and his thought are still relevant to this day.
During the conference I will note a daily update and pictures from my experiences. So if you are reading this, you will get a good ‘inside-perspective’.

I’m one of the first students of this pilot-programme, but it would be nice if other if other students after me are motivated to do the same.

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