Centre for Prison Chaplaincy Studies

The interuniversity Centre for Prison Chaplaincy Studies (CPCS) focuses on academic research, education and training on issues relevant for the work of prison chaplains.

The Centre wants to be a place of reflection with an interdisciplinary and ecumenical approach, and in close collaboration with people working in or for the field pastoral prison care. In the CPCS protestant and roman-catholic theologians, criminal law experts, philosophers and others are collaborating with regard to further and deepen:

  • the quality of prison chaplaincy during and after their detention;
  • critical reflection from the perspective of the Christian tradition on themes like crime, evil, guilt, forgiveness, punishment;
  • the involvement of (religious) communities to prison chaplaincy and (former) prisoners.

The Centre offers practice-based and fundamental research and reinforces education and professionalisation of prison chaplains. Furthermore it organizes meetings to present and discuss their research with both academics and people involved in religiously inspired aftercare.

The Centre for Prison Chaplaincy Studies (CPCS) is an initiative of the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology and the Tilburg Law School at Tilburg University (TiU), and the Protestant Theological University. The Centre has been established in close collaboration with the Protestant and Catholic Prison Chaplaincy in the Netherlands.


From the PThU, the following empoyes are connected to the CPCS:


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