Dr. Kevin Yuill starts as researcher at PThU

14 October 2021

From October 16 to December 2, 2021, Dr Kevin Yuill, an associate professor at the University of Sunderland in the field of modern American history, will reside at PThU as a Research Fellow. Yuill is a guest as part of the Moral Compass Project (MCP), in particular the section 'The ethics of euthanasia and assisted suicide'.

Yuill became known as an atheist and humanist through his book Assisted Suicide: The Liberal, Humanist Case against Legalization (Basingstoke 2013). During his stay in the Netherlands he will work on his research on this theme. One of the intended outcomes is one or more articles co-authored with Prof. Theo Boer and Dr. Stef Groenewoud on the theme 'Overlapping consensus between religious and secular views on the legalization of euthanasia'.

Through the research fellowship, the PThU invites international researchers to stay at the PThU for a month as guest researcher. It is the intention that during their stay they contribute to the development of the research and the research foci of the PThU: Mediating Good Life and Moving Identities. With the programme, the PThU also aims to give an impulse to the further internationalisation of its research by setting up or further shaping collaboration with international partners and by stimulating international co-publications.

Although the programme is primarily focused on research, research fellows also give guest lectures in order to contribute to the international and intercultural dimension of education at the PThU. Although the university strongly encourages study abroad, it strives for internationalisation for all, including those who stay at home.

Yuill will give guest lectures at the University of Groningen Bachelor's course in Theological Ethics and at the Groningen-Amsterdam course Ethics of Dignity. Lunches with students and with the employees of the Moral Compass are also on the program. Specially around Yuill's arrival in the Netherlands, an English-language discussion on the theme The Humanist Case Against Completed Life will take place in the PThU hall in Amsterdam on Monday 25 October. The meeting is live and physical, admission is free, you can register via the button below:


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