Opening academic year is end and beginning of an era for PThU

3 September 2021

With the departure of inspiring leader Mechteld Jansen on September 3, an era came to an end. At the same time, the PThU stands at the beginning of a hopeful new era with successor Maarten Wisse, who wants to reinvent theology with the PThU. During the opening of the academic year, the departing and starting rector held stimulating speeches. 

Farewell speech Mechteld Jansen

Mechteld Jansen gave her farewell speech on 'The people and the elite: skating together on slippery ice'. A quote: "The best way to evaporate the distinction between the people and the elite is to show that as scientists, we do not always agree on the big, slow questions of our lives. (...) Both people and elite live of covered truth, which is to say truth that comes with a leaflet: how should we deal with that truth, what will it cost us, how are we going to relate to it? (...) The truth requires not only intelligence, it also takes character to face it, character to face the other, someone seeking the truth from a different perspective."

Speech Maarten Wisse

In his speech after his appointment as rector of the PThU, Maarten Wisse expressed the hope that Western theology would be reinvented within the PThU. A quote: "Cohesive theology calls for a theological conversation, and not just a conversation in which we exchange points of view, but also conversations in which we test points of view. (...) Can we find a middle ground between a non-committed see-what-you-can-do theology and a this-is-the-one-eternal-truth theology? Can we reinvent ourselves as guides instead of police officers or mere spectators?"

Want to rewatch the opening of the academic year?

A recording of the opening is now available on our YouTube-channel.

Opening academic year PThU and rectorate change


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