Prof.dr. M.A. Matthias

New Testament / historical theology

Prof. dr. Markus A. Matthias

December 2, 1956, Mainz, Germany

  • 2008 Professor for theology and history of Luther and the Lutheranism at PThU.
  • 2007-2008 Assistent at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
  • 2001-2006 Academic teaching in Dresden, Kiel and Heidelberg.
  • 2002 Habilitation for church history, Privatdozent in Halle (Saale).
  • 1995-2001 Assistant at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg in Halle (Saale)
  • 1989-1993 Assistant in Bochum (Edition of the letters of Philipp Jakob Spener)
  • 1988-1989 Vikar in Hainburg, Germany (EKHN)
  • 1988 Doctor of theology in Erlangen
  • 1977-1984 Studies in Göttingen, Tübingen, Jerusalem and Strasbourg


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