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PThU International Conference 2017 comes to an end

God is risen again from the dead, but how exactly does (s)he reappear on the scene? And how do we analyze the phenomenon? In other words, how do we describe and re-describe the re-appearances of God from an academic point of view? How is God re-staged in practices, discourses, narratives, values and lines of thought, not only in the post-secular western European world, but also in other parts of the global world, and how can these reappearances be understood?

Over 85 participants from 17 countries - theologians, students, ministers and others - immersed themselves in these questions during the three days international conference of the Protestant Theological University in Groningen, which was focused on the topic "New Quests for God: Contributions of Theology to a Resilient Society." 

Photo impression

Day 1: Theissen, Moody, papers and theatre performance

Day 2: Cruz, Henriksen, more papers and an evening in Groningen city

Day 3: Schneider, final papers and a story-teller to close with (coming soon)