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22 november 2018
AAR conference is 'candy store' for theologians
Almost 9.500 attendees were present at the annual conference of the American Academy of Religion (AAR), from 17 to 21 November in the United States. Among them PThU professor Marcel Barnard, who wrote a blog.
14 november 2018
Some intercultural experiences doing field research in Malawi
PThU AIO Thandi Soko shares her experiences as a Malawian in Amsterdam, and going back to Malawi with the eyes of a researcher. Read more.
13 november 2018
Erasmus+ project launched and celebrated
The official inauguration of the new cooperation project between the PThU and the Schechter Institute took place in Jerusalem yesterday. The project enables PThU- (PhD) students to study in Jerusalem with a full scholarship. Read more.
18 oktober 2018
Global Christianity Website Project Granted 175.000 Euro
PThU professor dr. Benno van den Toren, Professor of Intercultural Theology at the PThU in Groningen, has received a total of € 175.000 in grants to create a website that will make African theological voices more accessible. Read more.
1 oktober 2018
Dr. Oleh Kindiy to provide guest lectures at PThU Amsterdam
Dr. Oleh Kindiy from the Ukrainian Catholic University will provide guest lectures at PThU in Amsterdam between 26 September and 4 October. Read more.
1 oktober 2018
Prof. Rick Benjamins lecturing in Oslo
In the first week of October, prof. Rick Benjamins visited the MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society in Oslo. His visit is part of the Erasmus + project.
16 juli 2018
First international student graduated
The first international student of the academic year 2017-2018 graduated last Friday at the PThU in Groningen. Zung Bawm (Myanmar) successfully defended his thesis on with the title "The Exorcisms of Jesus in Mark as Symbolic Actions for Political Liberation".
3 juli 2018
Start IRTI Summer School 2018
From 3 to 8 July 2018 the international IRTI Summer School will take place in Amsterdam on the topic 'Church and Civil Society'. About forty participants from Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania, and the US will reflect on the presence of church in society.
11 juni 2018
Symposium 70th anniversary of the World Council of Churches
On Thursday 23 August we will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the World Council of Churches and the fellowship that is its heart and soul. During this day the Protestant Theological University Amsterdam will be organizing a Symposium on Hospitality: On a Pilgrim’s Way of Justice and Peace.
5 juni 2018
PThU receives Erasmus+ grant for exchange with the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem
After many years of successful scholarly cooperation between our institutions, we will extend our collaboration to student and staff exchange thanks to a grant from the Erasmus+ program from the European Union.
28 mei 2018
Job vacancy Junior Researcher
The PThU has two job vacancies as of 1 October 2018 for the position of academic junior researcher in Amsterdam or Groningen.
2 mei 2018
dr. Carike Rixt Noeth research fellow PThU Groningen
From the end of April until halfway June 2018 dr. Carike Rix Noeth, post-doc fellow at the Faculty Theology of the Stellenbosch University, South-Africa, is visiting the PThU in Groningen as a research fellow.
16 april 2018
Research fellow dr. Tommy Wasserman at the PThU in Amsterdam
In April and May 2018 dr. Tommy Wasserman (1970) is visiting research fellow at the PThU in Amsterdam. He is one of the most authoritative researchers in the field of manuscript studies and textual criticism of the New Testament.
12 april 2018
A masterclass for PThU students with Yale-professor Miroslav Volf
What is life about? This essential question is no longer a topic at universities, according to Miroslav Volf, professor in Theology at Yale (US): ‘they gave up to think about the meaning of existence’. Volf told this to a public of 25 students of the PThU, during his masterclass.
15 maart 2018
Symposium Parables and Fables in the Graeco-Roman World
On 13 March 13 the symposium “Parables and Fables in the Graeco-Roman World” took place in Utrecht. This symposium was impressively organized by three PhD students of the NWO project “Parables and the Partings of the Ways”.
5 maart 2018
A day with Miroslav Volf
Always wanted to meet Miroslav Volf, world’s most prominent theologian?
19 februari 2018
Inauguration of Professor Maarten Wisse
On Friday the 23th of February 2018, the inauguration will take place of Dr Maarten Wisse. This day he will accept his office as Professor of Dogmatics, with a speech, entitled ‘the most dangerous belief of all, dogmatics as prophecy’.
24 januari 2018
PThU delegation visits Leuven
On 11 January a large delegation of researchers from the PThU, headed by the rector of the university, visited the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven (Belgium). The purpose of the visit was to examine to which extend the current collaboration, within the Erasmus+ framework, in the field of education could be extended to the field of research.
22 januari 2018
Consultation with Princeton Theological Seminary on Karl Barth
From 13 to 17 January the eighth international consultation between Princeton Theological Seminary and the Protestant Theological University, about the interpretation of the work of Karl Barth (1886-1968), took place at the PThU in Groningen. The theme of the consultation was ‘the Spirit that Gives Life’, and thereby the pneumatology in Barth.