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Meet C.S. Lewis

Workshop programme prior to the one-man performance 'An evening with C.S. Lewis'

Prior to the theatre performance 'An evening with C.S. Lewis' a workshop programme will take place from 15.30 - 17.45 h:

First round of workshops from 15.45 - 16.30 h.
2nd round workshops from 16.45 - 17.45 h.

Workshop 1: The narrative account of the faith. Lewis as apologist of Christianity, by Benno van den Toren

Lewis has written well-known argumentative apologetic texts. In his Narnia stories, however, he shows in his own way how he engages in faith accountability. Stories help us to imagine the imaginable. Stories reveal our double motives that determine how we weigh arguments. Stories touch us existentially. We use fragments to see how Lewis does this in a masterful way.

Workshop 2: Lewis and the Screwtape letters, by Arjan Plaisier

A guardian angel is good company. A personal devil is not. That's exactly the idea that Lewis developed in The Screwtape Letters. This results in fascinating literature. Lewis aims not so much  to expose the tricks of the evil powers as to be a coach for Christians. What is it all about in Christianity and what are your weaknesses? (This workshop will be in Dutch) 

Workshop 3: Lewis and the suffering, by Margriet van der Kooi

Workshop 4: The Chronicles of Narnia

Workshop 5: Lewis and 'the common Christian faith', by Theo Pleizier

Is there such a thing as a 'ordinary Christian faith'?

Lewis reached the general public with his radio speeches for the BBC, which were later bundled in the book 'Mere Christianity'. He is looking for some kind of general wording of the Christian faith. In postmodernity, the big, comprehensive story no longer exists. Does this mean that Lewis' project is outdated and that there are only traditions and no longer any tradition (singular)? We read a few fragments of Lewis and then weigh up a contemporary attempt at 'Mere Christianity' as recently tried out in 'Gewone Catechismus' (KokBoekencentrum 2019).

Practical information

Registration for admission is required.
The workshops are held in the Martinikerk, Groningen and in the PThU, Oude Ebbingestraat 25 in Groningen.

Admission to the workshops is free on presentation of your admission ticket for the theatre performance.

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