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Third Hendrik Kraemer lecture by prof. dr. Philomena Mwaura

You are very welcome to the third annual Hendrik Kraemer lecture on 20 May at the PThU in Amsterdam! This year prof. dr. Philomena Mwaura from Kenya will speak. The lecture starts at 15.00h. For more information, see below.

The lecture will be preceded by the launch of the new book of J.A.B. Jongeneel, ‘Nederlandse zendingsgeschiedenis: ontmoeting van protestantse christenen met andere godsdiensten en geloven (1601-1917)’, Boekencentrum 2015.

Full program 20 May

13.30- 14.00 h. Book Launch

Prof. dr. Fred van Lieburg will deliver a speech on the book’s topic. The book will be available for purchase.

15.00 h. Hendrik Kraemer Lecture by prof. Philomena Njeri Mwaura

‘Gender equity and empowerment in african public theology: the case of the circle of concerned african women theologians’

This Lecture is informed by the work and writings of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians and what ordinary African women are doing as agents of social transformation in their churches and communities. African women theologians seek to take women’s experiences and contexts seriously in their theological reflection. Just like elsewhere on the globe, women’s experiences in Africa are shaped by particular conditions of culture, gender, class, disability, age, ethnicity and race. African women theologians consider themselves as “activist theologians” committed to the struggle for gender justice through their involvement in organizations of social development, social welfare, conducting gender sensitization, HIV and AIDS, anti poverty, culture and Bible study workshops as individuals and groups. They aim to raise awareness of gender justice and to transform the patriarchy that is prevalent in both the churches and society. True to feminist ideals, they see themselves as activists and intellectuals.

This Lecture begins by exploring the context in which African women live, their responses to the various challenges they experience, and how African women theologians respond to this context through theological reflection. It will conclude by proposing a strategy for a public theology informed by a framework that recognizes and utilizes women’s capacities. The key focus of this Lecture is in the contextual theological appraisal of specific aspects of human capability development and how this can offer to the church and the society a framework through which they can engage in their pursuit of gender justice and quality of life for all especially for women and girls who are the most vulnerable and marginalized.

About Hendrik Kraemer

The Hendrik Kraemer lecture is an initiative of prof. dr. Mechteld Jansen, special chair missiology on behalf of the Stichting de Zending van de PKN (Dutch Protestant Church). It honours the legacy of Hendrik Kraemer by a revived missiological thinking. The annual lecture poses present-day questions on how to live together with differences in culture and religion. It also aims to offer insight and missionary engagement and to stimulate dialogue

Practical information

Both the book launch and the lecture will take place in the PThU-conference room, VU hoofdgebouw, De Boelelaan 1105, first floor etage, E-wing. Afterwards there will be the opportunity for meeting each other.


Please register by completing the form below before 10 May (required).

Within the framework of the annually organized Hendrik Kraemer lecture, the PThU’s department of Missiology, organizes together with the Stichting de Zending van de PKN (Dutch Protestant Church), the symposium ‘The role of christian women and men within the society: state of the play in the Netherlands,’ which will take place in the morning.

Participating in this symposium is possible on invitation only.

The symposium, with special awareness to the presence of migrants within the Dutch society, seeks to address and explore a set of diverse understandings, views and practices regarding the role(s) Christian men and women play in different dimensions of the society. During the morning the topic will be addressed and explored by Professor Dr Philomena Mwaura (Kenyatta University, Kenya), the Hendrik Kraemer lecturer of this year, reflective practitioners, both men and women, members of the academic staff of the PThU and the larger audience. Professor Mwaura will address similar questions in her afternoon lecture with focus on contexts in Africa.