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We invite you to this one day symposium as part of the Karl Barth year.

Morning programme:

Controversy about the Early Karl Barth: A Symposium on Paul Silas Peterson's The Early Karl Barth: Historical Contexts and Intellectual Formation 1905-1935. A Debate between Five Experts on the early Karl Barth: Bruce McCormack, Rinse Reeling Brouwer, Kees van der Kooi, Edward van ‘t Slot and the author Paul Silas Peterson.

9.30 Walk in and have a coffee/ tea

10:00 Welcome by Prof. Dr. Maarten Wisse, Professor of Dogmatics at the PThU

10:10 Introduction to the book by PD Dr. Paul Silas Peterson, Privatdozent at the Eberhard-Karls University in Tübingen

10:20 Response to the book by Prof. Dr. Bruce McCormack

10:30 Response to the book by Prof. Dr. Kees van der Kooi

10:40 Response to the book by Prof. Dr. Rinse Reeling Brouwer

10:50 Response to the book by Prof. Dr. Edward van ‘t Slot

11:00 Break

11:15 Reply to the Responses by PD Dr. Paul Silas Peterson

11:30 Further Debate directed by Prof. Maarten Wisse

12:00 Debate with the Audience

12:15 Lunch on your own

Afternoon programme

13:30 Opening of the afternoon programme by Prof. Dr. Rinse Reeling Brouwer

13:45 Lecture by Dr. Bruce McCormack, Charles Hodge Professor of Systematic Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary

Title: “Suffering in God: What Does it Mean and how is it Possible?”

14:45 Break

15:15 Questions and discussion

16:00 Drinks


PThU-zaal, 1E 24, Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam

Costs and registration

We invite you to attend this symposium ad no costs are involved. Lunch is to be taken care of by yourself. Please register individualy before 7th December 2018.