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Gloria Wilhelmina from Indonesia

The good reputation of the PThU, the great diversity of people and the International field trip to Oxford (UK), convinced me to study at the PThU.

I am currently following the track ‘Missional Communities’. Looking at what I have done in the first semester, I really enjoyed the possibilities to engage with the field, through research, interviews, meetings and field trips. Visiting Missional Communities (in Groningen and other parts of the NL) has learned me a lot about the Dutch context and churches, and about emerging communities, within a short time. I got to realize that the revitalization and working on the spiritual relation with God in the church is very important and relevant. This is also something I can apply to my own context.

I will be writing my thesis on the topic of ‘measuring the spirituality quality growth of churches’. Therefore I will do different case studies.

Studying in Groningen is fun because it offers diversity and gives you a truly international experience. Not only in the campus area. You are able to go shopping or hanging out at many places because a lot of people are able to speak English. Despite its diversity, Groningen is not as crowded as other cities, so it is more comfortable for newcomers or people who have an international experience for the first time.

If you have any questions about studying at the PThU please feel free to contact me on: g.verdina@pthu.nl.