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Euiseok Lee from South Korea

I am Euiseok Lee from South Korea, a graduate from the PThU International Master’s programme, generation 2014-2015. Since 2016 I have been researching theological development in Dutch Reformed Pietism as a PhD student.

Why did I choose PThU?

Since I started my theological studies, I have been educated by several PThU alumni. Their stories made me interested in studying at the PThU. Furthermore, the PThU has a well-organized international student education programme, it caught my heart.

The PThU international master’s programme is a good attempt to meet two goals: integration and specialization. Though Theology is composed of several divisions, each discipline must pursue to communicate. In the PThU master course theological topics are discussed with professors from various departments. At the same time, leading elements in my choice were the excellence of the professors and the study programme at the PThU, the international context, and the possibility to study in English. For international students the programme offered by PThU has an intercultural dimension in all of its courses. Professors strongly suggest intercultural thinking. This is a unique point of the programme. The variety of perspectives opens my mind.

Living in Groningen

As an international student, Groningen is a very good environment. A variety of international students live in Groningen, so it is a friendly and good environment for international students. Even they live here by speaking in English alone. As a relatively large city, various facilities are available in Groningen. But you can also enjoy a quiet environment together. You can easily find what you need in many markets.

If you have any questions about studying at the PThU please feel free to contact me on: e.s.lee@pthu.nl.