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Emèse Mihály from Romania

My name is Emese Mihály and I am coming from Transylvania, Romania where I study MA Applied Theology at the University of Babeș–Bolyai, Faculty of Reformed Theology.

The PThU has an Erasmus connection with my University which made it easier for me to connect with the Faculty and its high educational level. Here I can develop in many aspects as a theologian, but also as a person. As a practical person ’Missional Communities’ was the perfect choice for me. I have the opportunity to have an insight how different churches are structured, how they connect with- and to each other and mainly how can I, as a practical theologian contribute to the missional aspect of these churches.

The study program is a one year master’s program where we study in small classrooms with highly educated professors which creates a more personal environment to develop in our fields.

The city of Groningen offers everything a student wishes for: great library, many cafes, vibrant life and my favorite, the place where I found my home: Casa Mundo. This place gives the feeling of having a real home when you are actually far away from yours. It is a place where you can have as much personal space as you wish for knowing that when you open your door you won’t only find yourself in a church but also in a family that loves you. 

If you have any questions about studying at the PThU please feel free to contact me on: e.mihaly@pthu.nl.