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Bridging Gaps exchange programme

In the Bridging Gaps exchange programme, students from the southern hemisphere and Eastern Europe can come to VU University/PThU for a period of study and research. The Bridging Gaps project establishes a dialogue between theology students from the Netherlands, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Students are offered the opportunity to look beyond their own context and their own boundaries. Bridging Gaps is an intercultural adventure in the search for the meaning of religion and religious texts. Primary focus of the project is the correlation between theology and contexts. The project tries to disclose the Bible as a source of emancipation and justice. In this way students are inspired to contribute to a more humane society.  

Components of the exchange programme

The Bridging Gaps project consists of four central components:

  • Personal research under the guidance of an academic professor, resulting in a written paper.
  • Intercultural exchange and lectures. This exchange consists of classes and group dynamics.
  • Introduction to and exchange with Dutch churches
  • Exposure to Dutch society, culture and church life.

Students are offered a scholarship which covers travel and living expenses. Scholarships are mainly provided by Kerk in Actie and VU-Vereniging.  

Download the brochure 

Download our brochure for more information. Or contact the secretary of the program, Gijsbert Steenbeek at g.a.steenbeek@student.vu.nl