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Research Program CCBI

The Centre for Contextual Biblical Interpretation was founded in the fall of 2016 with a mission to develop research in contextual biblical studies. This takes place through its research program ‘Contextuality as Catalyst’. The program initiates and brings together research projects in which the contextuality of the scholar aids to ask innovative research questions to the ancient texts, doing so in such a manner that the texts are both explored in a new way and also to become voices in contemporary debates. The program is thus dedicated to both original research and to the paradigm of ‘science for society.’ In doing so, it focuses on forms of biblical interpretation that contribute to the humanization of society and a sustainable way of living. This pertains  to topics such as: social, mental and spiritual resilience in faith communities; the reciprocal relationship between gender and religion as well as between religion and violence; religious/theological anthropologies and biblical sources; biblical interpretation in the context of migration and competition for land; the interaction between biblical texts and ritual practices (esp. concerning food and water). The program is co-directed by the directors of the Centre for Contextual Biblical Interpretation, Prof. Dr. K. Spronk and Prof. Dr. P.-B. Smit.