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Portal I. NT corpora

Section A: integral NT codex types

Portal I 1 Section A Overview NT codex types (Tables I-IX)

Portal I 2 Section A One Content and Funtion in Two Modalities

Portal I 3 Diagram Liturgical structures of the NT codex types

Portal 1 4 Intro Short Catalogue Form

Portal 1 5 Liturgical origin of the expression NT

Portal 1 6 Liturgical establishment transformation of the tetraevangelion codex type

Portal 1 7 Lavra and NT codex types

Tables & Explanations [Tables I – IX]

  1. Table I
  2. Table II
  3. Table III
  4. Table IV
  5. Table V
  6. Table VI
  7. Table VII
  8. Table VIII
  9. Table IX

Section B: atypical NT codices

Methodological Considerations to atypical codices

Diagram Overview Short Catalogue: atypical NT codices

Introduction to Short Catalogue Apocalypse

Section C: partial NT codices

Methodological Considerations to partial NT codices