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CBM background

The idea to set up the CBM project was fed by the need to introduce the Eastern Orthodox vision of the Bible to current western biblical and liturgical studies. The early Christian and Byzantine liturgy (of which the Eastern Orthodox liturgy is a direct descendent) is laid down in the manuscripts. However, important parts of the manuscripts’ contents have been overlooked, due to incomplete cataloguing and the application of dividing lines in classification systems, where no dividing lines exist. Study of the Eastern Orthodox approach to the biblical manuscripts reveals that the codices in fact have a rather different function, form and even content than manuscript catalogues tell us (forgotten version of the Bible).

The CBM project was initiated in 2009 in the academic fields of Theology and Liturgical Studies. Specialised catalographers and codicologists joined the team as advisors, as did biblical scientists, liturgical experts and scholars from other disciplines. See Cooperation.

Another characteristic aspect of CBM is its interdisciplinary focus. CBM recognises the need to bring biblical science into contact with liturgical science, homiletics, hagiographical studies and even the rather neglected but interesting field of the study of ascetical literature (Basilius Asketika, Climaka, Paradeisos, Catecheses of Theodore the Studite, Gerontikon/Paterikon).