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Identity & Dignity in Care (PThU profielcursus ‘Ethics of Dignity' Engelstalig)

Prof. Martin Walton


The course explores the effects of care practices, including differences in roles, dependency and power, on the sense of identity, dignity and integrity of the involved parties. Participants will analyse and theologically reflect upon specific care approaches (theory of presence, contextual pastoral care, etc.) and their understandings of humankind.  Visits will be paid to places of care, such as a house of hospitality for the homeless, a workplace for persons with disabilities and a project for juveniles. The leading question will be how care can be developed as a political and poetic practice of recognition.


  • Acquire a critical understanding of the presuppositions of specific care approaches on human agency and dignity.
  • Be able to analyze (models for) care practices with regard to issues of human dignity, identity and integrity.
  • Be able to formulate an understanding of care as a practice of recognition and empowerment.

Deze cursus is onderdeel van de PAO-opleiding Geestelijke verzorging.