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Care in Contexts of Diversity (PThU Engelstalig)

Prof. Martin Walton


Practices of pastoral, diaconal and communal care are influenced by different factors. Increasingly pastors and chaplains are confronted with cultural, social and religious diversity, and at times conflicts, as they deal with local contexts and global developments.  In the course Care in Contexts of Diversity models for understanding intercultural and 'intersectional' encounters are combined with practical approaches to pastoral an diaconal care. A central issue in the course is, in addition, how diaconal and pastoral care is related to other concerns such as identity formation, community development, social advocacy and human dignity. Different approaches in the literature on pastoral, diaconal and community care will be studied. In addition to general assignments and examination, individual research (resulting in a paper and a presentation) on a selected example of pastoral or diaconal care in a particular is part of the course.


  • Acquire basic knowledge and practice with regard to models and approaches to care in contexts of diversity.
  • Acquire anthropological and theological understandings of pastoral and diaconal care in diverse social, religious and/or care settings.
  • Acquire insight into care in a specific social, religious or care setting.

Deze cursus is onderdeel van de PAO-opleiding Geestelijke verzorging.